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I'm thinking about Baader Hyperion 3.5mm


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The highest mag eyepiece I've got is the Baader Hyperion 8mm (the Plossls aside ) - I like it, so I was thinking I'd also like higher magnification without the use of a barlow - hence the Baader Hyperion 3.5mm. To be honest a barlow and a Hyperion look like a small telescope coming out of the eyepiece hole. I'm thinking about using it mainly for DSOs, but not sure if such high power will be an over kill especially on a small telescope.

Any thoughts? Any alternatives?


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Its been a while.

i used to observe Saturn, with the 9.25 it occupied most of the FOV. Observing from my back garden isn't great due to LP and at the time i was still learning to polar align and track an object properly so the target often shot across the FOV. I have no doubt in my mind though with darker skies and now because my polar aligning is so much better i will be able to use it to much better effect.

I'm planning to buy a 200p DOB for observing while i'm imaging so that i get more out of the hyperions

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