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Hi All,

I am not aware if anyone here has heard of this software called "SkEye". Its a beautiful Android smartphone app, downloadable for free (lite) as well as for a fee. While you open it first time, you need to let it use the GPS of the phone to home in to your exact location. After setting the location, the observer simply points the phone at the region of the sky he is interested in, and it renders the sky on the screen. So what makes it different from other softwares?

1) It renders everything in the "Ruby Red" colour recommended for observers to preserve night vision.

2) It displays two circles of different Fields of View, say for example 4deg and 8deg. These circles can be configured for the finderscope and main telescope respectively, making the Phone and telescope combination work as a Push To system.

3) The user need on tap the object on the screen to know what it is, merely pointing to the object in the sky displays its name.

I hope some of you will try it out and have fun!


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