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First time Persied?

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I set up my camera to take 300x30s exposures with 30s interval between shots last night through my kitchen window. I had it pointing in the direction of Andromeda. This was the only meteor type object I caught. Perseus is off frame to the left and as it streaks from that direction I would think this is a genuine Persied.

Would anyone confirm this?

Even if it isn't, I'm very happy with my shot. :)


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Three yays and one nay, I'm convinced it is. I watched an '88 episode of sky at night earlier and some of the pics on there looked very similar. I'll try to get some more (clear skies permitting) :S

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OK, These are definitely Perseids. There was quite a bit of thin cloud coming and going but these are pointing at the radiant which is off the top of the frame :)


Of course when I was out I couldn't see a thing!

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Nice catch. I had the camera set up in the garden for an hour and a half last night and caught nothing. Saw 5 with my own eyes though, 2 that really streaked across the sky!

Thanks, I set up the remote shutter control to take 315 shots over about 5hrs and caught 2! :) When I did go out the clouds rolled in! Tonights forcast looks a bit better for my area so keeping my fingers crossed :)

Clear Skies!

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OOps, Just noticed this was posted on the 8th. Can't be the same one unless it came round again.

Your right Allan,

I was out last night and saw it again in a similar position. I saw plenty of real ones though and snapped a few too :)


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