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Ceph and Cass

£ from last night - Avalon tests


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Three more images (good and not so good) from last night.

I made the mistake of downloading the demo version of Maxim DL so I messed with that and the mount for sometime before I even got an image. Still not worked out how to park the scope (to where I want it!) in Maxim.

Returned to NGC891 with 5x300s Luminance frames:


Then tried NGC7380 with 3x600s Ha subs:


Finally IC1805 (part of) as a single 600s Ha sub:


Tracking varied as I played with the settings in Maxim but the mount is definitely getting there.

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Glad that you're getting there Francis - Do you use EQMOD? Easy to make a custom home position from there.

Hi Sara, Yes use EQMod and have custom parking there. Just wanted to see if Maxim would let me as well.

Quite pleased on the whole with how things are progressing - not too sure about whether I will shell out for Maxim at the moment. I have AA5 SP2 which I like but that may just be because its what I'm used to.

I still have 28 days left to play with Maxim - doubt it will be 28 clear nights though!

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Thanks Adrian / Gina / Dave,

Yes really pleased with the Avalon Linear mount, I think some of my pointing issues could well be down to the fact that I hadn't cleared out the NEQ6's list in EQMod, I will remove the ini file and start again building a new target list. I have MaxPoint but haven't even looked at that at the moment.

Maxim seems a bit like PS and like Dave I'm going to have to take a while to sort out the useful bits...

What do others find 'the best bits of Maxim'.....?

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Cleared the target list from EQMod last night and managed to put objects onto my CCD but clouded out before I could do any imaging :sad:

Wasn't very happy about that myself. Yesterday totally failed to live up to the promises of the Met Office :(


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