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Sketch: Palomar 11


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During my latest trip to the island of La Palma my observations suffered from a pretty bad hazy sky, caused by dust from the Sahara desert high up in the atmosphere. Even from the highest peaks the sky was covered in a dusty mist for days. The Milky Way was just as bright as from my standard observing site in the Netherlands. Not quite what I was expecting... However, I managed to find this elusive globular in Aquila, mostly because of it being situated higher in the sky. It was pretty hard to spot, even with my 300mm f/4 Dobsonian (Sumerian Optics Alkaid), but after some minutes of searching with averted vision I spotted "something" on the correct location. More concentrated viewing once located made the cluster more and more apparent.I made the sketch using a 8mm LVW (150x)

Palomar 11, Mirador de los Andenes, 4 aug. 2013, 02.00u - 02.30u, 300mm f/4, 8mm LVW

North is up, West is to the right.


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