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Skywatcher 18" and 20" Truss Dobsonians

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So, any speculation on the price? I reckon around £3.5k - £4k for 20 inches of aperture?

hard to say,if we work based on existing prices for the scopes where 12" is 849,- 14" -1269,- and 16"-1729,-  then i would guess that a manual version of 18" should be around 2350 and 20" about 2800 where Go-TO versions if produced  add another 500-700 quid on top.

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Our 20 inch is F4.1. We have a visiting 20 inch F5 on occasion and the difference is very serious! It doesn't much matter for low targets but that ladder can give the faint hearted pause when you're onto something near the zenith!


Lol it is tricky but exciting at the same time.

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You can do self build for half that but if you have the money and dont like diy then the price doesn't matter ;)

you could do a self build for that sort of money and just think of the satisfaction...and qualiYety of mirror!

Yes, indeed I could and I have.....

I actually made the cell, the truss tube, secondary cage, rocker box etc. , but didn't get round to grinding the mirror.

But then the opportunity arose to buy a big dob and that project was abandoned.....:D

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This design, when concluded, may well build on the success and reputation of the flextube (at least I speak for the manual version) - innovative, functional, quality product and affordable. As with the flextube, it will be marketed to attract a wide appeal amongst potential users (such as was myself) to experience the larger aperture /  portable scopes, that may otherwise be out of reach, in terms of cost or self build requirements.

Whilst still providing the opportunity to modify here and there, thus gaining a depth of understanding of the mechanics and perhaps achieving a truer a sense of ownership and satisfaction. The time, aspiration or ability required for embarking on a self-build is not for everyone, nor is the cost of commissioning a custom scope / mirror build.

I think that on the face of it, it will do very well, yet leave room of course, for those who endeavour to have their own custom mirrors, scopes, or to self build, win win really.

I do miss chucking my 12" flextube across the back seat of my fabia :smiley:

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is there actually any truth to these rumours of a 20" skywatcher?

quick trawl of google shows that these rumours have been around since 2008/09. Anyone actually have anything reliable???? i emailed gso re their rumoured 20" and they replied confirming that they do intend to release a 20" dob and RC, but no response whatsoever from skywatcher!

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This wasn't very helpful was it?  :embarassed:  I'II try harder next time. :)

Don't think anyone on SGL has bought a Hubble Optics have they? Are you interested in it Faulksy?? 

love the simple design, would love to make one like that, but at that price you might as well buy, love the lite weight uta, like yours

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