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Just a quick hello!


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Hi all,

and a quick thanks. I stumbled across the site when I was deciding what first scope to buy. Had a very limited budget, so there was no way I was going to be in the market for the SKA or JWT, but managed to spend less than 80 euro and get something I have so far been very happy with (Celestron 76/700 eq :blush: ). I'm out in the garden whenever it's clear, invested in a couple of decent EPs, and so far have been blown away by what I've gotten to see. You helped me dodge the Seben bullet at that time, which I was nearly very tempted by. My interest has been well and truly piqued, and now intend to save for a larger scope, hopefully to be purchased around Christmas time (Might get as high as an 8" Dob?), but for now I'm wringing every photon out of my starter scope, and plan to keep it to pass on to the kids when the time is right.

Really love the site. A wealth of information, on topics I wouldn't have considered before (So far I've oiled my EQ mount, adjusted my Barlow out, and checked collimation.). Would have no second thoughts about directing anybody who asked me to here.

Paddy (Or Padz, whichever you prefer!)

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Welcome to SGL! I started off on a 70mm, and, 3 years later, have just got a 200p! I had a 150 in between, and even the step up from that was large, so a 200 will be dramatically heavier, but will make a massive difference to the views!

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