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No Ra or Dec in Atik 314 fits header?


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I want to use the `Find Coords` option in Astroart5 which has a button to transfer the RA and Dec of the fits header to the `Find Coords` window providing they are present in the image header of the fits. I`ve noticed none of the fits taken with my Atik 314l+ have the Ra and Dec listed in the header and wondered if I need to enable a setting somewhere?. I use the supplied Artemis Capture for taking images and the only header option in Artemis is to manually enter Object,Telescope and Observer !



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How is Artemis supposed to know what your RA and Dec values are? They would need to be supplied by the mount. I'm not sure that Artemis can be connected to the mount so as to obtain this information but perhaps it can in later versions. I've no idea. Some software does integrate mount control and camera control - SGP for instance. If a plate solve had been performed then the values could easily be saved to the file headers. Personally I just note the mount's RA/Dec values once final framing is done and put them in my note book for using on other nights. But in principle any software would need to be talking to the mount to know the RA/Dec.

Astro Art can plate solve but I don't find it terribly good at it.


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