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Sun in White Light - 4th Aug 2013 (09:15)


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Dodging the clouds this morning capturing 22 frames in total, 2 of them I had to delete leaving me with 20 to play with. Normally I capture with the shutter speed set at 1/1000 but thought I'd experiment using 1/1250. So here we have...

20 RAW at 1/1250 (iso 100) pre-processed in PIPP with 12 stacked in Registax 6. Slight touch up of contrast in iPhoto on my macbook pro.

I've left my gear setup in the hope of capturing more frames later today though the weather forecast is putting doubt on that.



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Beautiful crisp disc sir ... :laugh:

I always start to get that darkening top/bottom when I go from 1/1000s to 1/1250s and beyond with the 1000D , I guess it's an inherent quirk from the way the shutter works across the chip .. ?

I had noticed that but I feel I'm getting slightly more detail at 1/1250 than 1/1000 although I could be imaging that :-)

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Nicely caught Al. I might be wrong but think that DSLRs have two shutters, one moves across to open the other moves across from the same side to close, that way not only do you get even exposure across the frame you can also get faster shutter speeds.

With only one shutter, firstly it would take too long to open, come to rest and then reverse and secondly the area of the chip where the shutter opens first would be the last to be recovered and hence have a different exposure.

If the Canon is suffering from shutter speed problems then it would have to be a non-linear speed of the two shutters, perhaps too slow at the edges and quicker in the middle, thereby giving the middle part of the sensor more exposure, this would get worse for faster exposures, but I am surprised that is the case.


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