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Atik 383L+ First light: M8 and Triffid (smash & grab)

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Good to hear you have it now Lewis. I'd take a few min to get familiar with Artemis capture, its pretty simple. When focusing, use the subframe button and draw a box around the star, start looping at 1x1 bin (0.5-1sec), then zoom in and tweak the b-mask pattern. When doing this, make sure autosave isnt checked!!! :D

Its also usually worth unchecking autostretch and just moving the white level up a bit when using the b-mask so you get better look at the pattern.

Another thing is never to close the cooling window, Im not sure if they've fixed it but with older versions closing that window lead to loss of cooling control (would just run to max delta). So best to leave it open, just in case.

Make sure you have the version with star marking too, I have the feeling you might need it for mosaics ;)

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