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Looking for a 3x Barlow

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I already have a nice celestron 2x Japan ultima Barlow but looking for a 3x Barlow So how out the Orion tri mag Japan Barlow? Are they any good? Kind of on a tight budget so does anyone recommend a 3x like the tri mag Barlow from Orion? Dale

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Dale, I think your memory is playing up again :smiley:

You posted this in the "show me your eyepiece case" thread just a few days ago:

"I have 21 total eyepieces in a large Orion pluck foam case I have 6 orthoscopics 5 TMB 4 UO konings 4 plossls 1 erfle and a Swa Eyepiece Plus a 3x Orion tri mag Barlow and A celestron 2x ultima Barlow and a polarizing filter Mars filter Ultrablock filter and a skyglow filter and last a collimating eyepiece For my criterion Rv-6 dynascope"

You are the only person I know that has one so perhaps you can let us know that you think if it :smiley:

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I have not tried the Orion 3x tri-mag Barlow lens yet but mine is made in Japan where I think Orion sells them now that is from china? I must have the first ones Made over 10!years ago

The earlier ones were made in Japan and quite probably by Vixen. Vixen made a number of products for Orion a while back including the VX 102ED refractor - I have the Vixen version of that scope which Vixen call the ED102SS and thats over 10 years old now too.

By all accounts the quality of the later, chinese produced, Orion 3x Tri-Mag barlows was nowhere near as good as the Japanese versions - I've seen them given away on Astromart !

Let us know what you think of the barlow once you have tried it. With your Criterion Dynascope RV-6 having a focal length of 1270mm the 3x barlow will deliver 3.8 metres of focal length !

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Thanks anyway Rowan But I just got this Orion Japan 3x tri mag and will try it out soon I heard I can unscrew The lens part and put it and screw it into an eyepiece and it will act as a 1.5x Barlow Not bad Dale

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John I let you know how it performs I know I can unscrew the bottom part with the lens and screw it on the end I any eyepiece and it would act as a 1.5x Barlow lens

That would be great Dale :smiley:

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