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IC1318 (Butterfly) in Ha with the H9


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So far I've been using the combo Megrez 72+SXVR-H9 with a 0.8 focal reducer. I've decided to test the kit without the reducer at its natural resolution of 3.09 arcs/pixel with the awesome Butterfly nebula near Sadr.

I took 26 subs of 15m. Guiding was done with PhD+Costar+finderguider. Mount is Heq5 driven by EqMac.

Image capture and processing with Nebulosity+StarTools.

The image has no noise reduction applied (yeah, sony chips are great, aren't they?) and I'm quite pleased with the detail

in the faint dark wisps (they are lovely, aren't they?).

Unfortunately no Astrodon 3nm Ha filter... Just the more mundane Baader 7nm... My guiding seems to be holding well so next target I'll go for 20m or 30m (just to make sure I can speak from experience about the wonders of very long subs in narrowband!),



Link to astrobin picture: http://www.astrobin.com/full/50409/B/?


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Thanks for the comments!

Yes Sara, I'll definitely try the 30m subs. Last night I did 20m with TEC at -15 and it was all fine. Next will be 30 and and after that I'll consider myself as having approved the Ha 101 course!



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