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M20 low on my horizon

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I managed to capture 15 subs of 5 min at 800 iso last night.

I had problems with light polution (i think) as m20 was due south on the other side of my local village.

I am having problems with the processings as i get bltchy yellowish and green haze around the background which I think is caused by light polution. I had to crop the image and also be carefull not to crop too much dark background in curves.


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Singlin, that's a fine capture! There may be more hidden in the data. Below is your image put through HastaLaVistaGreen and Gradient Xterminator. Then the colours got a little push.

See what you think! (The jpeg format doesn't do it justice here, but have a go yourself on the original - do you use PhotoShop?)



Edited by Jessun
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Interesting target & I think both are beautiful images, as for HastaLaVistaGreen I knew I'd heard of a program to remove the greens but I couldn't remember what it was called until reading this thread so thanks for the memory prompt Jesper.

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Thanks Singlin,

Impressive data, but it's always difficult to attack data you're not used to, so forgive me if colour balance is a bit off etc. But there's stuff in there! More that I ever captured of the Trifid. Red seems to be the tricky colour, and needs a proper push.

Excellent stuff.

Ok, here we go:


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My Canon 600D has been modified.

Jessun that is excellent!

How did you get rid of the glow at the bottom and left ?

I found allot of glow around the bottom and left, i think it was due to light pollution below the object.

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There is a band across the image at the bottom as you say, and it's cropped out in the edit above. Basically the favourite weapons of choice came handy, GradientXterminator and HastaLaVistaGreen.

GradX couldn't get rid of that horisontal bright band, but should it appear again you can always select that area and do levels and curves separately on it to match the rest of the image. Do it last I'd say to make life easier, so you don't have to chase your own editing.

I'm actually not sure what that band is. Doubt it's LP, the TIFF was really quite clean.


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