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The 383L+ arrived this morning (many thanks to FLO!).

First I had to wrestle the box out the hands of my three year old.... that went down well (wahhhhh!...etc, etc). Once open, I was suprised that the camera box wasnt much bigger than the 314L+ box, but it was noticeably heavier.

Well packaged as usual:


Opening the box, I was pleased to find a packing list signed by the operator - nice touch. Included was the USB and power cable, some spare dessicant and a spare dessicant plug, 2" nosepiece, manual and drivers. The camera is very... errr... square!


Installing the drivers was dead easy, a simple case of running artemisuniversal before plugging in the camera USB. Once installed, I fired up the camera and set the cooling to -15. I know this camera gets better when its colder but I didnt want to push it too far in a room that was already 22 celcius, the real test of cooling will come tonight (if it stays clear).

I ran off a quick 2min dark frame, and thankfully there are no bad columns. Just a smattering of hot pixels and what seems like a couple of cosmic ray strikes (since they are irregular in shape). Once outside and running at -30, I would expect this to improve further.

The two challenges posed by the camera were that it upset my flattener spacing a bit since the chip is set further back into the camera. I think ive managed to fix that one now (about 0.5mm off ideal). Secondly, the telecope is now very bottom heavy - so Ive had to add a counterbalance.

So far, im quite impressed. A very solid camera indeed!

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Very nice.. did you also breathe in & savor that "New Toy" smell as you opened it... can't beat it :lol:

Hope the sky gods are good to you tonight Rob.. have you started saving up for it's twin yet.. :grin:

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Twin 383 ey? One can only dream!

Ive probably hit my spending limit for this year, and the next plan was to speed up the optics a bit. Something around f5 would be perfect but good colour correction at that speed in a refractor is hard to come by cheaply (sadly).

Once the weather cools, I will get the 1000d out again for some more CCD/DSLR action - except this time the chip/pixel sizes are more closely matched. It should work well on M31, which I can now fit in one frame... yay! :)

But tonight, I'll be pointing this at the veil for a few hours. If I can get two hours per channel, it will be a good start.

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