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Ceph and Cass

130p focuser mod?


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Getting a 130p to play ball the way I want to, turns out to be quite difficult.

After moving the primary mirror up the tube to achieve focus with camera and visually, I'm now faced with a rubbish focuser. While moving the focuser tube up & down, the tube shifts by a almost a millimetre.

This puts the scope into collimation on the way down and out of collimation on the way up.

Any ideas what I could do?

I'll post pics of what a few bits of Velcro have done for me so far, but I'm not happy...

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I've put Velcro in the "gear" compartment, to achieve better connection of rack and pinion.



I've shimmed it on the inside with hard Velcro.

I've tried shimming it from all sides, but then the tube wouldn't move anymore.

With this one piece of Velcro, the tube already barely moves. But still has <1mm slackness.

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Mhm. Better, but the velcro's compressible. Still moves towards the rack n pinion when bringing the tube downwards.

It needs plastic shims I guess.

Where could I find some cheap ones? Any ideas?

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I think the rack and pinion itself is badly designed, allowing for a minute degree of change in the focuser tube's movement axis while changing directions.

Don't know what to do.


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