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Last night believe it or not was the first time I've had my equipment out since Christmas due to work and moving house( our first home together ). So last night me and my good lady headed out to try and get everything working together ,I wasn't expecting much as Christmas brought me a new laptop running the terrible windows 8 which took me ages to get to except my eqmod USB interface and the qhy5 played up badly when I tried to get it to use the driver software. Anyway back to last night we headed out polar Aligned and preformed star alignment all using eqmod and CDC fired up phd and selected a star hit guide and after about 5 mins calibrating BINGO I couldn't believe it this is the first time I have everything working together. So being someone who likes to push there luck I decided to even get my Ccd out and try a few exposures to see how it was all working together first few weren't great but from the phd graph is seemed to settle guiding after about 5 mins and the later shots were alot better. So to finalise nothing to really show for last nights session image wise but for me a massive relief knowing that future sessions should produce better and better images and proof to my good lady that all that money was well spent.:) :)

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Well done on getting it all together. I know if I don't do things fairly regularly I lose the thread and have to re-learn it all so it must feel good knowing you're set to go in the new pad.

If your good lady needs convincing any more I can assure her you are spending VERY wisely...You have some lovely kit there!

Good luck with the imaging; I look forward to seeing the results.


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