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IC5070 and farewell to the 314

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So this is it, the last gasp of the Atik 314L+ before its replacement arrives (383L+).

I didnt quite manage to get across to the wall, but I did repair the cloud damaged subs in the bottom middle section, which has helped a lot with the noise. Perhaps this data will live on if I can match the same area with the 383 and take some OIII and SII subs... we shall see!

I'd like to get cracking on this years version of the veil (383 stylee), so hopefully FLO will have remembered to box up some clear skies with the camera :D

+1million for customer service!

IC5070: Pelican nebula

14x600 (Ha) x 6 panes

80ED, Atik 314L+, NEQ6

Thanks for looking!



383.... its over to you. 314 signing off.......

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Cheers Guy :)

Im just trying to coax M8 into the 383 at the moment, its a tricky beggar to guide on though. And Ive just found out what happens when try to mount a 383 + FW + FR onto a stock 80ED focuser.... major slippage! I was wondering why I wasnt getting much Ha in 6x6 binning preview mode - way out of focus thats why!

Edit: Just seen my first, properly in focus sub.... my word... this will be nice if I can get the sub count up, M8's buddy - the Triffid has also turned up to the Ha party :D

Just need the sky to hold out for an hour or so.

Also, so far there doesnt seem to be any sign of vignetting with 1.25" filters - we will see once ive got enough for a decent stack. I'll still take some flats anyway, need to do a stock of bias too. I'll leave the darks til later, but I have a feeling I will be needing them.

lol... 16Mb per sub, my wi-fi isnt going to thank me for this!

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