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Ceph and Cass

New here and I buy my first Scope tomorrow TAL-1 4.3"


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Hi All you Star people, I'm new to this site, and it's also because of this site and a most amazing review that i read by one of the members here that I am taking a 3 hour bus journey to Aberdeen tomorrow morning to pick up my first real Telescope a TAL-1 and I must say I'm so excited I don't know if i'll even sleep,

I am a keen photographer and most interested in Astrophotograpy, I have a Sony DSLR and a 600mm AF Zoom lens which gives me pretty good shots of the moon .. but I want MORE ! so with a little patience and a lot of time i'll be posting up a pic or 12 for your viewing.

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Hi welcome aboard! You should be able to get some cracking shots at the Moon with that beast. Just keep in mind it becomes a lot more expensive when you decide you wanna go after deep space objects and need a tracking mount. And after that it get's even more expensive :D The curse of the amateur astronomer.

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Hi and welcome.

Ahh the Tal 1, I had one many moons ago.its still the only scope I miss and I have had some nice scopes in my time.

The moon, saturn and jupiter look fantastic with the Tal optics, one tenth wave mirror if I remember right,also it will show on a good night many dso objects and I think with good contrast to boot.

My one came with some coloured filters for the eyepiece , a moon filter and a sun filter.If you have the sun filter that screws onto your eyepiece, please dont use it, mine broke in half and shattered the eyepiece lens , lucky for me I had just turned away from the scope as it happened. I did not know this type of sun filter can be or is dangerous. Still I know for sure you are going to like this scope, great choice, fantastic buy.

All the best

Clear sky's


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Got to love a TAL or two....or three....

Though as other people have said....aperture fever will eventually get a grip on you ;-)

Best of luck with the AP. I have done a few AFocal shots with the 100R and RS and it is great fun.


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