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IC1805 (The Heart nebula) in Ha - 2 pane mosaic


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This is a 2 pane mosaic of IC1805. There's not an awful lot to say about this really. The mount guided well and not a single sub was dropped. I've done some tweaking of the width gain in the EQMOD settings as the mount was giving me some grief, but between us we're on about 50 hours now without a sub dropped. I think that for a minimum recommended mount for AP, this is good going and on 30 minute subs as well.

I'd welcome your comments, things you don't like, things that could be done differently etc.



T: Takahashi FSQ85 0.73x

C: Atik 460EX mono with 3nm Ha filter

Pane 1 - 12x1800s and flats

Pane 2 - 11x1800s and flats (less last night as I had some friends round for dinner. Got rid as early as possible, but it did encroach on my imaging time!!)


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I like that Sara!

Be interested in the gain tweaks you did - even though I have an EQ6, I'm always interested in how people are using EQMOD...

What did you use for the calibration/processing?

It's been so long since I took an image I'm gonna have to learn all over again!!

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Thanks all for your comments. I am planning on adding OIII soon, and maybe SII as well, but that will be a rather garish image I'm sure!! I don't do subtle narrowband!!

Regarding width gain settings, I change them each time I'm out to suit and flatten the guide graph. Sometimes I need to lower it a lot, and others not so. It depends where I am imaging.

For calibration I use PixInsight and for processing I use CS5.

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Every time I see your images posted since you changed over to those VERY nice & VERY expensive filters it makes my heart feel like this one looks!

I love the results you're getting, only downside is you're making a very convincing case that I'll need to sell an organ or 2 if you keep this up!! :eek::grin:

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Thank you all, very kind words.

@Ian - I have to say that I've always thought that it looks more like a certain part of the male anatomy than a heart. In fact that was the first thing my husband noticed when I showed it to him!!!

@Space_d - Keep saving!! Those filters are worth every penny!!

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