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Beautiful, dark and clear...


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... but 2 bumps on the brow bone on the eyepiece and one trip over the tripod leg later, I've spotted M35.....yey :clouds2: at long blumming last, with the help of my upside down chart STEVE!!!

But whats this about you tripping over the tripod leg ... lose your way in the dark ... eh .... eh ... :laughing6:


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Here ya go Caz :clouds2:

Red Alerts

A blinking good idea to avoid trips and bumps in the night!

A set of three flashing red LED marker lights to pick out tripod legs and other equipment in the dark. Lo-brightness LEDs flash about twice per second. With no moving parts they just snap onto a battery and begin flashing.


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Now I have to admit Steve, I've never seen those before!!

:clouds2: They are for real and no, they are not rebadged laser-protection-goggles - the lens is the correct red to properly protect night vision.  

I took a pair to the Star Party to test peoples reaction ... we all had a good laugh (as you do).  

But I will confess, I fancy a pair!  The number of times they come in handy is surprising and Greg and I already have a 'silly hat' rule whenever we observe so a pair of funny goggles won't make a lot of difference :clouds2:


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