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NGC6188 with ST10


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SPX350 F4.5, ST10XME, Astrodon filters.

Had a very long break from imaging here in Brisbane owing to the long monsoon and very cloudy windy conditions. I have been trying my new ST10 CCD and it gets the fainter gas better than the 314 could and seems less noisy. I got no bloom spikes in the Ha at least but the bright star in the bicolour gave a little spike. Images look pretty good for such short capture times, I get lots of cosmic ray strikes on the darks so have to median combine with MaxImDL. Just need some breaks in the weather.

First image is in Ha only 60mins in 3 min subs and the second a bicolour 50mins each Ha/OIII in 10min subs.

Thanks, John.



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It is so nice your first shots with this new ccd and incredible the result with short time of exposure. It is really impressive this result.

Now, when I see the price of this ccd and if I buy the same ccd, I'm sure I'm dead the days after because my wife will tell me that I bought few month ago the new mount and now I change my ccd ! Why, she will ask me before to kill me or divorce. It is so nice to be single :grin: but now it is too late for me

Continues to share many images with us my friend :grin:, I'm waiting :biggrin:

I hope you will do a panoramic view until ngc 6164 :grin: because I like this little PN



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