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Ceph and Cass

N281 with some extra H-alpha

peter shah

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After getting the observatory automated I hit a major set back with the observatory computer packing up....so the past week I've been building a new one getting all the software installed and set up again....last night I managed to test it out and iron out a couple of bugs and all seems to be well for now.....I managed to grab a few extra frames for my N281 project....still working on it hoping to go much deeper....so for now this is it with an extra 2x30mins in H-alpha added with my pervious HaRGB data at 4x600s in Ha, 6x600s in red, 6x420 in green and 6x530s......cheers Peter



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Some very nice detail showing there Peter! You ended up with a very similar colour balance to me: http://stargazerslou...1080_272223.jpg

It's very hard to avoid pinkish hues when adding in the Ha, but I find it's a trade-off between detail and pinkness!

Many thanks Lewis....To be honest I think its actually pink in colour, even in just RGB it has a pinkish hue. When you look at the amount of signal in the green and blue there is no avoiding it....my exposure ratio's are loosely based on a G2v star calibration to achieve as close to a 'true colour' as possible.

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