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Summer Triangle Challenge

Hi From Cocoa.


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Hi I am Ian originally from Featherstone,West Yorkshire. Now living in Cocoa,Fl. Started Astronomy when I moved to Cocoa. I originally had a zhummel Z8. But Aperture fever hit. I now have an Apatura AD12. With the tweakers dream package. .Unfortunately the weather gods have been angry with me, haven't had a good night for twp months. Anyway looking forward to clear skies.

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Welcome to SGL.

No decent nights in two months sounds pretty awful, although back here in the UK I think there are some people who hardly got out at all in all of 2012.


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Welcome Ian. It sounds like you've made a good move, despite the" weather gods revenge".

We'll be travelling through your area in September. Can't take the scope but I'll have my bins. Hope the skies clear for you soon. Best wishes :smiley: .


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Hi Ian welcome to the lounge

great piece of kit you have, the weather is our greatest

frustration, the sun has been shining here for a while for

a change, but looking forward to winter, and clear crisp

nights. Hope you get a couple of clear nights yourself soon.

Good Luck and Clear Sky's

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