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Ceph and Cass

Meade 10" LX850

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Hi Everyone,

I am the proud owner ofa 10" Meade LX850 and couldn't be happier.

It arrived in 5 boxes and the box the mount is in is huge. Everything was packed very well. My first impression is that this mount is solid and beautiful. The mount alone weighs over 30kg.

Setup was relatively easy, this is from a 65 year old guy with a bad heart and a bad back. I mounted the StartLock on top of the OTA which gives me an additional saddle to mount my 80mm refracter as well.

unfortunately as with all new scopes rain came with it so no first light report as of yet. I will say that balancing was easy. I bought an additional 26lb counterweight which seems to help. The balance was so good that when I forgot to lock the RA and DEC clutches while aligning the Finder Scope there was almost not movement from the mount.

if I have any complaints it is with the Finder Scope which is very difficult to keep aligned.i am replacing it.

what was really a shock is how quiet the mount is when operating. It is much more quiet than my previous LX200 and LS8.

in spite of Meades problems I would recommend this mount to everyone. It is solid and well made.



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Congratulation, it's nice to hear a happy story for a LX850. Glad to hear it works well.

It must take a lot of courage buying a very expensive and complex telescope manufactured by a company that is about to go bankrupt.

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