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The planets 2006


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Holly Cow! And it's Space.com! They got it right! I feel faint...

Gaz: What's your scope again? Pluto is an excercise in patience, if nothing else. Topping out at ~m=13, it's not much to see. Hint: Get really good charts and look for it on a couple consecutive nights. Watch for movement of the star field. That's Pluto.

We checked out Pluto a few years ago at the Grand Canyon with great charts and a 28" Newt. It was unspectacular, really underwhelming.

Uranus however was a largish disk, with 7 or 8 moons visible that moved from night to night! What was really cool though, was we were observing Uranus with a person that had discovered the latest 9 moons, using movies taken by frames from HST. Great week, that one.

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I've got a 10" f5 Newt under Mag 5.5 ish skies, it should be doable do you think? I know it will be nothing to look at but I'd just like to "chalk it up"....

Nice story on the Uranus moons, I must admit I've only seen the planet a few times and I didn't even think to look for moons.


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