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Gaint floating prom animation 26-07-13

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Ok so here is my first attempt at an animation. This was the great floater of Friday. I imaged it just before it lifted off and dissapeared into space. The AVI is about 30 frames taken over an hours sessin with my LS60f filter on a 120mm XLT scope and x1.6 barlow. Imaged with the DMK31. AVI's of 500 frames at 1 min intevals between shots. I lost a few due to clouds and terrible drift. (I need to align my new mount better).


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Great animation! But how did you get it to display on the forum? When I try it, it just shows the first frame

No idea really. I couldn't get it to play on Flickr, but I just copied the bbc code and pasted it here as normal, and it works.

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Awesome, Allan, what a way to start your animations. Congrats! :smiley:

I even surprise myself sometimes Luke. :eek: It was all a bit of a rush job setting up after work to try and get an image. I didn't align the scope well enough and after about 45mins the sun had drifted across the frame and the prom was almost touching the top. I tried to reframe the image but by that time the cloud was gathering and the exposures were becoming too dark to match the previous ones. I made a bit of a pigs ear of it in the end, but salvaged what I could. I lost the last 6 frames because they would not match and would not align. I will spend more time in photoshop and see if there is some way to include them. The last 6 frames are probably the frames that show the prom floating away into space.

Still, I've learned something new and will hopefully do a better job next time.

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