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M27...the 'finally' frontier :-)


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Ladies and Gentlemen, I can proudly announce that I finally - and after six weeks of searching - found the rather unspectacular and blumming faint M27 nebula. Thanks to my new friend the Riegel finder (and your support of course).

Apparently I have always been so close, have been at that T-shape constellation (see marker) about a dozen times but perhaps due to the moonlight I could not see M27.

When I recap I believe that M57 has been my best DSO so far.


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M27 should jump out at you unless you bad LP or moonlight. It's a pretty big smudge I would have said. Saying that, well done, that sense of satisfaction after such a long hunt is great. Don't know what scope you have but if you have a Dob. Get a Wixey, some software and all your targets will be hitting your retina in a couple mins :) :)


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I took a look at M27 on Thursday, and it was harder to see than earlier in the year - I think the combination of moon and light summer skies makes it worse. The first few times I observed it it looked, well, lobed - like two fuzzy patches close together. Thursday, it looked smaller, and just a shapeless fuzzy patch. I used a UHC filter on it though - mostly out of curiosity, it's still new - and I could see structure, a nice dumbbell shape.

Anyway, I think summer skies have been working against you!

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