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My first full disc


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This is my first full solar disc. I have some earlier captures, but have not processed them yet as I've been too busy just getting them stacked to free up hard drive space! I went for this one first as I finally got my first airplane transit :)

I was hoping to blend the airplane onto the stacked disc, but haven't managed to do it, as I can't get the trails to blend. Most frustrating! So I gave up on that and processed the single frame with the airplane in it for the second pic below.



I imaged from indoors through an open window, as the sun had already dipped behind our roof. I used an undriven mount (a camera tripod and mini giro). I do like sitting out in the sun, but in this heat, it seemed most civilized imaging from indoors. :grin:


SolarMax 60 SS / Grasshopper 3 (ICX687)

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Wow! I have never seen a transit on a prom shot before, it makes the most beautiful effect. Just like the vision of jetting off into the sunset and going on holiday :)

A fabulous full disc as well :)


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Both very nice Luke, great detail in your full disc shot. Shooting from indoors does have its advantages, you can see the computer screen for a start off and if the weather turns, it is easy to keep everything dry.


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