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Hello From Pennsylvania!


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I'd just stumbled across this forum today and spent the last few hours combing through it. Lots of good stuff here that is going to be exceptionally useful.

Just a little bit about myself, I'm living in the suburbs of central Pennsylvania. I'd suspect I'm probably one of the younger members as I just finished high school in June. College is coming up which is another nightmare altogether. I enjoy reading, writing, all that jazz.

My interest in astronomy cropped up this January with a lunar conjunction and a pretty girl who liked stars. I'm still no expert and can't seem to find my way around the sky, but it's a subject that really appeals to me. I'm trying to get some experience with stargazing, maybe make a few trips to the nearby hills when I'm properly armed with equipment and know-how.

I don't expect to be staggeringly active, but I'll definitely be around. I've already learned a ton from you guys in just this short time. Seems like a great, helpful community that I can't wait to be a part of in one form or another.


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Hi and welcome to the lounge

it makes it a lot easier to learn this great hobby when you

join SGL any problems are quickly solved you only need

to post in the relevant forum, it has helped me a great

deal, sure you will enjoy it here.

Good Luck and Clear Sky's

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Welcome, I'm from central PA originally (Lancaster). I agree with not rushing out and buying new gear... Watch Craigslist... I just saw an 8" Zhumell Dob go for $200 in Lancaster and another one with some nice extras go for $300 in Carlisle.

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