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Levelling Feet for Dobsonian Telescopes


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Anyone know of a good UK source for the equivalent "Set of Three (3) Leveling Feet for Dobsonian Telescopes" sold by Opticsmart.com in the USA? They come with strong steel brackets so it's a complete package - they do seem a bit pricey though and that's not even including the overseas postage/import tax, etc.. so a home-grown solution/supplier would be very useful. Cheers.

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I repurposed some ikea wardrobe feet. Worked well, but I need to make a stronger base, my initial attempt was a little flimsy, it works but give rise to a little wobble.

Mulling over some ideas at the mement, would be interested in hearing what you are planning.

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I made up a triangular wheeled levelling base for my Dob, wheels and feet bought of a well known auction site.

The wood was some 6" x 2" I had laying around, the feet were extended by welding on some 12mm threaded rod

and the knobs were procured from some old machinery in work.



The triangular base has holes drilled to accept the existing Dob feet to stop it sliding off. It makes moving the scope into the garden a breeze, and if I'm driving out to a dark site (seldom level) I can separate the base from the levelling base to pack it easily in the car.

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Remeasured the wood, its actually 120mm x 32mm, here is the complete base on its own...


There is a layer of thin self adhesive pimpled rubber (think table tennis bat) just to protect the Dob base.

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