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Astrobin - Ratings seem harsh


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Before people think I'm moaning about a rating of one of my pictures, I must say I have never uploaded a picture onto the site :smiley:

I have a browse quite often though and some of the ratings seem unbelievably harsh!!

Ratings without comments seems unproductive to me anyway... but when I see a great looking picture (with a lot of work put into it) and 2/5 stars, it baffles me.

This isn't just the odd image either, I often admire an image and then get a shock when I glance at the rating :shocked:

Does anybody agree?


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Only just noticed they were rated thanks to your post ... :rolleyes:

Not sure how the ratings are calculated to be honest , I upload all my Solar images to Astrobin and the ratings vary from zero stars to 4.5 for near identical images .... :p

As far as I'm concerned a daily Solar capture is a 5 star shot and a missing day is no stars ... :grin:

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OK, as being a lover of lunar imaging... I can tell you, your shots are awesome!! 1st class indeed!

Don't worry about the ratings, it's only subjective like any other forms of art.

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I wouldn't worry about it. Since there are only 5 possibilities you'd expect an "average" photo to get votes of either 2 or 3 stars (and the decimal part due to the number of people who cared enough to vote). It's only computer magazine reviews, where they depend on suppliers to send them stuff that give everything 8 or 9 stars - I reckon just sending them an empty box would score 7/10 in most places.

So while I'm sure the people who post their images think they've got some great stuff (and they're probably right), there's so much great stuff around that being great isn't really that great. :icon_scratch:

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