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Hey guys. My name is Steve. And I've been interested in astronomy in a number of years. I've always looked up at the night sky and wondered. As many of you probably have.

I've actually been away from searching the skies for some time.

Since my time away there will no doubt have been some upgrades to the type of equipment that is required to enable me to search the skies.

Could someone point me in the right direction of some starting equipment. I know what I used before but like I said. Times have changed.



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Welcome Steve. As far as equipment is concerned a lot depends on whether you have a particular interest, eg, visual, imaging, planets or deep space. And of course budget!

Time spent learning your way around the night sky with naked eye or binoculars is time well spent. A word of warning though, whatever you buy will soon need to be upgraded as aperture fever and scope envy kick in :grin:

Best wishes and clear skies


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Hi Steve,

Welcome back to dark side (and SGL), lots of great advice and a really helpful community to get you started and to take you much further. Great advice on the bins as a start point - but also worth looking out and dropping in to your local astro club.

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HI Steve,

Welcome to SGL. My first point of call would be to find your local astro group, go along to one of their meets and see what kit other folk have, and what suits you best before spending your hard earned cash.

As above great start is a pair of binos, get a copy of 'turn left at orion' and 'sky & telescope pocket star atlas'. These will help guide you round the sky. Then download a planetarium program, lots around, try Stellarium, its great and free!! and can be found here :-- http://www.stellarium.org/

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Hallo from someone else new to the site :)

We started with a set of 10x50 bins and used Sky Map and SkEye for android phones to try and identify objects. That got us interested enough to get a small (130mm/5") Newtonian and some visits to the Norman Lockyer Observatory which was a great opportunity to meet like minded folks, see their scopes and setups and some nice clear skies :)

Thoroughly recommend having a look to see if there's a group in your area

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