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A rarely imaged Sh2-124


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Looking on the internet, it would seem that this is a very rarely imaged object with precious little information on it as well. Of course, that is then a great target for me!!

I started off with Ha and then decided I'd add some OIII. I was going to add some SII, but the weather has broken a little and also I think that it's come out OK. Added to that, from what I have found there's next to no SII in here I decided to call it a day.

I'd welcome your thoughts on this - I've added it to RGB as HOO and then used a synthetic green layer.



T: Takahashi FSQ85 0.73x

C: Atik 460EX mono with 3nm Ha and OII

10x1800s Ha with flats

11x1800s OIII with flats


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Thanks all for your comments - I did look at a false SII channel Guy, but it ended up a rather yukky yellow colour that it was hard to do much with. As a result I combined RGB as HOO and then synthesized a green channel in Noels actions.

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I don't recall seeing this nebula before so I did a quick Google search and found some more images, but as you write, very little information. Your image is really one of the best I found. Great shot. /Lars

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