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July 21st 20 pane mosaic


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I had a good day on Saturday. It went from a grey day to a Hay day. I started off doing my usual thing, a fairly easy full disc mosaic. With the LS60TDS and DMK31 I can do it in 4 panes quite easily, but for better merging I prefer 8.


21-07-13 FD 8 pane LS60TDS by allcart2, on Flickr

Then I took a couple of 4 pane mosaics for the proms, I've not finish those yet, so I'll have to work on them next. Then I put in the x1.6 barlow lens for a slightly closer look at the proms, and thought what the heck. Lets do a big mosaic. So here it is.

A 20 pane mosaic with proms. Only 15 frames from 1500 stacked from each capture in AS!2. Photomerge and CS5 tto finish.


21-07-13 LS60TDS 20 pane FD by allcart2, on Flickr

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Thanks Robin, maybe I'll try that. Those 15 frames represented 90% -100% quality. I don't like stacking frames below 80% as I find the detail gets smeared. Maybe I'll process them again and stack everything above 80% and compare the noise. If it turns out better i will certainly post it again.

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