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I have never attempted a bi colour narrow band image but have seen some great samples, I thought I'd have a bash this week as its now gone cloudy and the S2 is looking doubtful before a friends wedding coming up and then other commitments.

Atik 314 - Baader nb filters


O3 6 X 900 SECONDS

FALSE S2 HA(50%)+03

As I said Its a new one for me and a learning curve so please offer any advise to improve or just enjoy it as I do.. :)


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That's a cool rendition :cool: ! I'm playing with similar data (ha and oiii) for the same object at the moment and there are so many different ways

of mixing things that you always end up with something quite different, a bit like cooking...


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That's very impressive, Guy!

I too have similar data (couple of hours of Ha and OIII, and managed 90 minutes of pretty ropey SII last night too before the clouds rolled in...). Was playing with bicolour last night but didn't get anywhere near as good as this.

You've done fantastically well to get the OIII halo and processed the colours beautifully.

Have you applied sharpening to this? Playing around last night I was surprised how much high pass it could take...

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