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Sharpcap to the rescue.


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Finally got out to image the sun this afternoon, but when i tried to capture with ICC and my dmk's all I got was an error message saying that the codec was wrong. I checked that I was using Y800 in all settings but no luck. I swapped cameras and got the same error. Everything I tried failed, even resterting ICC, unplugging the cams etc.

Finally in desperation I switched to sharpcap and everything was perfect. I also found that I could shoot a sequence of avi over an hour with no further input. Much like taking subs at night. I could not find a way to do that with ICC.

Sharpcap has gone massively UP in my estimation.

Will try ICC later and see if it sorts itself out. It was fine 2 days ago, and I haven't changed anything.

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Yes, after using it in desperation yesterday for solar imaging, I think its a fine tool to have in the box. It would be nice to have a histogram and finer exposure increments, but it still did an outstanding job for me. Perhaps the developer could add those two features and make it an outstanding solar capture tool.

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