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Faintest star seen to date next to NGC 7457


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Good morning

I gave my new 14 inch scope its first serious outing last night.

It certainly picks up more light than the 10 inch.

I went for NGC 7457 in Pegasus which I have seen before but is a reasonably bright target.

A lovely view with the galaxy visible in the 24mm max vision. The best view was using the es4.7mm lens. This is however a higher power now in the new longer focal length dob so the galaxy moved relatively quickly through the FOV.

Anyway I drew the view, noted the faintest star I could see and it turns out to be the faintest star I have seen visually to date so the new dob can take me deeper. The star is 3UC 241-304576 and is a mag 14.8 star on Carte Du Ciel. The star at the time had a dec of 36deg so I think overhead I should now be able to go to mag 15..


Optically the scope gives sharp stars using the max vision 24mm for most of its FOV with lovely airy disks either side of focus but...

Even after hours of being outside and taking the scope from the shed I still see quite a bit of movement in the disk. I think it must be more sensitive to seeing?

Anyway I enjoyed my new birthday present..


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