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don't laugh but were these noctilucent clouds on thursday?

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having never seen noctilucent clouds before, despite looking every clear night since June.i saw these around 11:30 on Thursday they certainly looked like a bit different from normal clouds though.

pretty sure it was not a reflection from the local motorway like my last false sighting.


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Yes !

Well spotted bg1,

The early 'evening' display of 18/19 July NLC was briefly intense well seen low in the northern sky NLC cameras of the IAP (sorry, I didnt keep copies)

[at : http://www.iap-kborn.../RUG/latest.jpg

and here



Also reported by BillW in Scotland on http://nlcnet.proboa...read=924&page=1

By the time I gathered up my gear ready to jump into the car the display had faded such that there was only a brief remenant left in the N.Ireland camera of Dave Gradwell (http://www.davegradw...com/hamcam.html)

I have looked on all those sites to try to find an archive of previous pics, no luck, sorry ! But worth checking those sites during future events, but season is nearly over ? :-(

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