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Pleiades spotted !


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What a cracking night, by the early hours it was dark enough overhead for the Milky Way through Cygnus and Cassiopeia. Not often that the mozzies can dig into t shirt man at night.

It was good to see Cassiopeia rising so high in the north and the whole of Pegasus free of the horizon.

I was pleased to see M76 at x48 shining quite brightly, worth finding as a little dumbell.

NGC 281 showed the triple star Burnham 1, two nearly equal stars with a fainter making a neat triangle at x150 in this cluster. I even spotted some nebulosity here.

NGC7789 , Caroline's Rose was packed with stars, really lovely cluster.

M15 just glowed at x48.

M103 showed some good star shapes at x48.

Up to Cepheus and NGC7160 looked like 2 eyes with a hat above ! NGC188 is worth finding as our most distant open cluster, there's a neat double there.

M15 off Enif at the front of Pegasus was compact and glowing a lovely globular cluster.

I noticed a bright spot above the houses in the north and found my first sighting of a fine M45 , hurrah for the Pleiades this season !

It was darkish by 9 , time to blow the dust off and set forth under

clear skies,


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Sounds like a very good night. I so wanted to go out last night, but having been up until 2am on wednesday night, then up at 7 for work on thursday morning, i decided on an early night. But was even a perfect sky when i woke up about 6.30 so looks like i missed a real good one.

Looking forward to seeing M45 again.

Great report :)

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Hurray for that, they have been well missed!!! Nice report on a clear night that just kept giving.

I have been spotting the square of Pegasus and Andromeda more and more. Even got a hint of M31 with the naked eye last week. Fun!

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