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M27 in HST

Dave Smith

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Last night was the fourth time that I have attempted to get some OIII and SII data on the Soul Nebula but was finding even after 20 min subs that basically there was none there. I have been blaming the haze for this, so in desperation swung round to M27 to see whether I could get some OIII and SII (and also Ha) from there. I was using the wrong scope for the object (Megrez72) and would rather have used my FL102S refractor or even my 9.25" SCT but I wasn't going to spend time changing scopes for something I expected to fail.

I was quite surprised with the results. There are 10 x 5 mins each of Ha and OIII and 10 x 10 min subs of SII.

The OIII was quite a bit stronger than the Ha and as expected the SII was weak but clearly there.

Full frame




I am astonished that with the length of subs that I seem to have captured some of the outer shell (only in the Ha and OIII) so may have another crack at this with longer subs for the Ha and OIII.

I still do not understand why I'm getting nothing on the Soul Nebula as I have seen some nice hubble images on the web.


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Very nice Dave would love to see some more if you do have another crack at it, can't help you on the Soul Nebula I'm afraid as I'm only just starting to get into imaging planets with a web cam but I love looking at the work you guys do, hope you get it sorted :icon_salut:

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Thanks Robbie, I'm hoping to have another go tonight only this time with my FL102S refractor. Should give a better image scale.

Thank Francis - the daft thing I wasn't trying for it, I have tried before and failed. So I'll give it a go tonight - fingers crossed.


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