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Humble PST Full Disc in Ha

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So while my PST is back to its standard black box configuration, I thought it was about time I took sime images with it. I have some more files to process, but here is a FUll disc shot. 20 frames stacked from 500 in AS2 and pp in CS5. Taken with the DMK41. I had to machine (hacksaw) 5mm off the eyepiece holder to attain focus.


18-07-13 PST DMK41 FD by allcart2, on Flickr

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Thanks guys, I am quite pleased with the first imaging attempt. When I got my PST I went straight into modding so never actually took a pic with it in its native form. When I tried yesterday, I could not quite reach focus with the DMK31 (long nosepiece) or the DMK41 (shortened nosepiece). Then I noticed that my 41 nosepiece had an extra spacer on it. So out came the Boas and off came the spacer.

Then I used the Boas on the eyepiece holder of the PST. Only a minor struggle and it came off too. Next I thought about removing the bottom part of the blocking filter but couldn't see how I could shorten it, so I left that alone and sawed 5mm off the Ep holder instead. The idea was to get the ccd lower and removing the spacer and 5mm off the ep would lower the ccd by about 10mm.

I can get a comfortable full disc with the 41 and by using the short nosepiece on the 31 I get almost a full disc. It just crops the top and bottom so I will just mosaic. It can be done in 2 panes quite easily, but I do have a brighter area in the centre so more than 2 panes helps to even it out

Although my pst has been stripped down and fine tuned, I am still quite impressed with the quality images it can produce, and its so much easier to use than some of my othere creations. :grin:

Here's a quick 3 pane mosaic with the DMK31.


18-07-13 PST DMK31 FD by allcart2, on Flickr

Next I will try the barlows and powermates on the proms and see what happens.

Luke, see if your DMK21 has an extra spacer at the top of the nosepiece or just the flange. I had previously cut my nosepiece down to get a full disc with the LS60T, but hadn't realised at the time that I could have removed the spacer as well. Hacksawing the nosepiece and the ep holder of the PST was easier than hacksawing the Tal. Or if you know someone with a lathe..............

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