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Orion SpaceProbe 130EQ

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I'm a pretty happy camper right now.

I just picked up the 130EQ for $135 on eBay.

Sure it was used, but in flawless condition.

I know it's on the small side, but perfect for my first telescope.

Does anybody have any advice or good lens upgrades I could use on my "new" baby?

Cant wait to get out and use her for the first time.

Ill post a report on what I observed and how I liked it.

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This scope is similar to mine. That's a 5 inch scope; far from being small. You will get some good views with it. Hopefully it came with the 25mm and 10mm eyepieces. If not a good 25mm eyepiece is a good place to start. The Orion or Televue Plossls will be decent for your scope. Your scope has an aperture of 130mm and focal ratio of 6.9. Therefore, under most conditions 130x is the best you can get. Believe me going past that 130x, the planets will larger but blurry. For planets a 7mm eyepiece should work. Or, instead of the 7mm eyepiece, get a 15mm eyepiece that would be a good midrange eyepiece for some objects, and then for planets, a 2x Barlow with 15mm will get you to 120x, which is close to your scope's limit of 130x. Orion sells a 15mm Televue Plossl for $100.

The mount is going to be a little shaky when focusing, therefore I highly recommend the Orion Electronic Focuser. http://www.telescope.com/Accessories/Telescope-Focusers/Orion-AccuFocus-Electronic-Telescope-Focuser/pc/-1/c/3/sc/51/p/7395.uts

Another good addition will be a single axis drive. You attach the motor to the RA shaft and it will keep objects in the field of view until you get tired of looking at it.


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