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Kieran Rooney

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It's been a while since I've been on Astro forums and not even sure if I was on here before. I got into astro seriously back in 2007 mostly doing imaging with a 10" Meade SCT and 80mm frac. I spent many a long night capturing LRGB images and fighting with the data to get an image I was happy with after removing all the sky vermin issues. I then got more interested in the sky vermin especially asteroids. I went down the road of getting the minor planet centre observatory code J16 with the help of others at J41 and J65. I've been doing that for the last few years with the 10" but with the big surveys now in place the 10" was not capable of getting to the required mag. I have now upgraded to a Mesu Mount 200 and I hope to have an ODK 16" delivered in September. The plan is to do some MPC confirmation work, new asteroid searching along with supernova hunting and some collabaration with other MPC observatories on asteroid lightcurve data. When I get time I may get back into the LRGB.

I'll be picking a few brains on here aswell. :grin:


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Welcome return to the SGL forums Keiran. I am intrigued by your description "Sky Vermin" :grin:.

I guess some Imagers would regard an asteroid as a nuisance when invading their nice sky capture, but probably preferred to an aircrafts Nav. Lights.

Seems like you have some big plans for your forthcoming 16".

Look forward to your progress.

Best Wishes.


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Greetings earthling :laugh:

It appears we have an alien living in Preston.

You appear to have submitted this same phrase a few times on the forum.

Cutting and pasting the same greeting is frowned upon by Admin.

Please have a little more respect for members by not using that method.

Thank you.


Moderator Team.

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Thanks for the welcome. I've been busy checking out all my options for the new scoe and getting my current gear sold. I'll be back on in Sept when the new scope arrives (currently my eye on the sky is sitting in the living room waiting to go to a new owner).

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