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Cepheus targets.

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Lovely stable night, no twinkling or bouncing around. Cepheus is well placed as it gets dark and we saw a lovely few targets,

Struve 2780 showed to be just double at x375, it's bright.

IC1396 is a lovely cluster holding a triple system and another couple of doubles, low mag will bring these into the fov.

Struve 461 is another multi system worth finding.

Struve 2873 gives a matching bright pair at x48, as is Struve 2840.

Struve 2843 at x240 showed a close (1.4") lovely pair of twin stars.

Struve 2836 at x48 was set in a lovely star field.

beta Cephei at x48 is a lovely contrasting magnitude pair.

Struve 2751 and kappa Cephei I found at x85.

It was a good test for a 150 acromat. Strangely I'm colour blind in my viewing eye, but will be revisiting these with the good eye. For which we'll be needing

clear skies,Nick.

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Despite appalling thin cloud , the search went on,

OStruve 480 is quite simply found to the edge of NGC7380, so that's two for one view.

Struve2872 and up to x480 I just couldn't get the .8" on the BC pair.......challenge here, will have a try under the crystal forecast skies !

delta Cephei is a lovely contrasting pair at x48 and a wide binary at

Struve 2923 at x150.

These are all achievable targets from the edge of town under poor conditions. There's a lot in Cepheus,

for which we need, wait for it,

clear skies, Nick.

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Had a look at Struve 461 tonight - first clear night for a bit!

Pretty, but as someone else has said, a bit like an open cluster, although I suppose being a 5 star system makes it special.

The Garnet Star is certainly impressive, and actually garnet!


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Completed the rest of Sissy Haas's list in "Double stars for small telescopes".

Just some of the best,

at x150 managed to split omicron Cephei.

Struve 2860 is next to a good star field.

S 800 , the group looked like a small dragon.

MLR 16 is set at the end of a small Leo. I couldn't spot the companion either, so there's a challenge,


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