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Request for images (Perseids) and astro event


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Hi everyone,

A friend is involved in an event at the Wirkswirth Stardisc: http://www.stardiscenterprise.co.uk/

The event is mentioned here: http://www.stardiscenterprise.co.uk/future-events.html

Dave Sturt* is doing the music for it - a kind of ambient backdrop to the Perseid shower - and would like some images for it for publicity purposes. He wrote the following about it:

Obviously I'll give a credit for the photo I use (I'll probably create a Facebook event - but also may get some local newspaper coverage). It's going to be a free event - and it would be great to get some knowledgeable stargazers attending

*For those of you who don't know Dave's music, the old and young hippies amongst us may be interested to know that he's the bass player in the current line up of Gong - and fantastic they are too!

If you think you can help with an image or images please PM me and I will put you in touch with him.

Even if you can't help and can't make the event then do check out the Stardisc - personally I'm always a big fan of public art that draws on science.



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I spent a couple of weeks in a holiday cottage with a friend in Wirksworth many years ago. I love Derbyshire - Peak District particularly :)

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