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Celestron C6R. First impressions.

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With our poor skies I've become a fan of the refractor to punch through the clag. I was lucky to pick up an immaculate C6R on Fleabay. A quick trip down the M1 and a warm welcome with a cold drink Shows the niceness of fellow astronomers (hurrah!)

Firstly the cardboard box is big, it wouldn't fit across the Scenic back seat.Looking in the box was a bit of a shock.The ota with dew shield is a gorgeous black with chunky business ends.The objective is huge and peering down showed superb baffling. It's as heavy as a 150pl , but quite easy to mount even with a pillar extension on the mount.

The finderscope slides on easily and is very useable and clear. The focuser is very smooth and I don't get the reviews that trash this. It does the job as a visual user needs.

The Moon was scooting along and sinking and showed the fine detail available, but being twilight not a fair target for contrast. The sky started off clear , but soon clagged up.

Saturn was just crystal, I spent half an hour at x240, just stunned at the sharpness and contrast. I'd never seen it as good and this was in a poor sky.

The Wild Duck cluster M11 just shone, at x100 there was detail and contrast , over x200 the view was like groups of brown sugar sparkling with he brightest stars.

Deep sky usual suspects M31,M27,M57 showed this ota gathers a great deal of light yet gives superb contrast. Star splitting is just easy with iota Cassiopeiae looking lovely.

I'm still amazed at what a 150 refractor can do in poor conditions. If you are wavering if one comes up, then grab it.

A beautiful scope for

clear skies,


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I got one recently, and I love it. This is when I first mounted it in my Orion SVP:


This is during first light:


This one was doing some Moon observing:


This one was while speaking about the solar system during a summer camp for youngsters:


This is the lens cell unscrewed from the tube:


...and the last one! after some wiping to remove fingerprints:


Hope you like them all!

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