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Condensation Stains on My New C8 Plate - Help Pls

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I had my new Celestron C8 out last night for an extended imaging session. I used a dew shield and there was no dew on the corrector plate when I was done, but apparently after putting the cap on and putting the scope into its shipping box in my unheated garage, condensation formed and dried. The pic below is what I found this morning.

The stain is on the side that was facing down. The plate also picked up some dust. I have read Celestron's instructions for corrector plate cleaning and will pick up what I need later today.

If anyone has any advice for how I should proceed with cleaning my new C8 I'd love to hear it. I also need to come up with a way of making sure this doesn't happen again. Should I keep the scope on the mount and point it down? Leave the cap off?

I'm afraid of this happening again and staining the mirror, or the inside of the corrector plate. I actually don't know that it hasn't already happened. I'm assuming/hoping the stain in the picture is on the outside.

What's the best practice for handling an OTA after an imaging session to minimize condensation/staining?

Thanks much.



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Looks more like a 'snail-trail' to me .. !...could a small slug have got on the inside of the end cap when you weren't looking ? Happened to me when one got transferred from the Bahtinov mask that I'd carefully placed on a low garden wall one night onto the front of the Mak , looked like a crack at first glance , frightened the life out of me ... :grin:

It should come off with Baader Wonder Fluid OK

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Yeah wonder fluid or similar should do the trick - just be very careful with the corrector, use a very soft cloth.

SCT lore says that the view is largely unaffected by streaks and dust on the corrector (or mirror), and to only clean them when absolutely necessary. Dust is best removed with a photographic brush and/or blower, only air - do not use aerosols or anything containing solvents or overly pressurised.

I usually store mine still mounted (8SE), sometimes in the house. If its particularly humid, bring it inside and let it sit with the cover off the end for a little bit and the moisture will soon evaporate.

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