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Adding labels to wide field shots.


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I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to add labels to some of my widefield star shots. Initially I tried Astrometry website but that fails due to the wide angle lenses I use which distorts the relative angles between the stars causing their algorithm to fail to find a solution - which is fair enough. However, I then thought I should be able to use stellarium to add the labels by going to the time/date/location taking a screenshot then adding as an overlay in photoshop - but again I am foiled by the distortion than comes with using wide angles (16mm on a full-frame camera) - I can distort the stellarium screenshot to kind of match the main photo, but this then distorts the text and looks a bit naff to be honest.

So, does anyone know a way that the whole image distortion/labelling issue can be addressed? Has anyone had any luck achieving this?

I dont have this issue when shooting at 50mm as the distortion is kept to a minimum.

I've attached a photo below for those in the know to try out - FYI the location is Iceland, date is 16/3/2013, time is around 12:00 - and you have M45 to the left with Andromeda pretty much in the center.


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What they said ^ gorgeous image! When i have labelled images in the past (only a few) i done it manually. Takes a little while flicking back and forth between Photoshop and Stellarium but i found it to be quite interesting because it makes you really learn the skys constellations. Heres one i did manually, just the constellation outlines.


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Iksose - that looks brilliant!! I reckon manual is the way to go.. Thanks for the kind comment everyone - and that's not one of the best!

THESE are my favourites!



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