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Orion mini guider, stars not round phd

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I use the Orion mini guider for some time now.

I was wondering if any of you who also use this guide scope with PHD have this issue with stars.

Mine looks like little pluses, like they have diffraction spikes. Brighter stars look more like saturn from the side (like they have rings)

I use an Astronomik IR-Block Filter and a QHY5 cam.

Since guiding goes ok, pretty flat line, I did not really paid attention to it, till I noticed that the stars on my subs started to look weird.

Maybe its related, maybe not. Still iI would like to know if any of you recognize this odd shape of stars.



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Could you post a picture of your brain settings as well as what a bright star looks like?

Have you tried making the guide scope out of focus a bit. This helped me with my 9x50 guider since I have heavy LP in my area and I'm lucky to get 2-3 stars in my FOV at a time. This will make them a bit "bigger" and thus easier for PHD to pick up the movements. Don't want too much out of focus as then you will get false movement readings and then defeat the purpose.

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Sorry for the late response.

Here are my current PHD brain settings for my Orion mini guider.

Also there is an image capture of Arcturus, very bright star.

Can you show your settings?





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Well not sure exactly what every setting is going to do but yours looks pretty good overall. But none of your settings would make the star look like that. Is there a scratch on the lens maybe? or the guide camera not properly aligned? Its a bit odd. Does it happen to every star in the FOV or just ones in the center?

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Well, this is a very bright star and all the bright ones do that. The fainter ones are less obvious but still you can see they look the same only smaller.

I also have an Astronomik 1,25" UV/IR in front of my QHY5 but that should make the stars more round in the first place.

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Im for a loss. The only thing I can think of is maybe something isnt aligned properly. But I'm new to guiding to so I dont have the experience to speculate more than that. Sorry can't help more.

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