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New Altair Lightwave 80mm ED f6.25 Doublet

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Well after reading what seems like every forum in the world I finally pulled the trigger on a new widefield imaging scope.

I got myself so wound up with glass types, focuser types, focal lengths, prices, what comes with it and just about anything else you could think of that I just got lost in it all. I finally, after several weeks, came back to what I originally thought was a good scope for the price. I had also had an endorsement from Ian King when I asked if the Altair was was like the SW 80ED everyone loves so much but with a better focuser.

I also ordered the 0.8x flattener/reducer at the same time but the variable spacer will be a couple of weeks on back order. I am told they might get it out the door today so could be here on Monday. Let's hope the weather keeps up as we have had a few good nights recently although having to wait till midnight to start imaging, and finishing around 2am, is a bit wearing after a while.

Hopefully this scope will like up to expectations and give some good shots.


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Well the first light for this puppy was the evening of the Sky at Night filming at the Rollright Stones. A great time was had by all who attended and tried the Moore moon marathon. Well done Alex for winning the best mobile phone picture competition.

Set up was done early and most people were doing some solar observing but I have not got a solar filter yet so could not use my new scope till later on in the evening.

When I did get all set up I was treated to some exceptional views of the moon. I was using the WO binoviewer and no colour fringing was apparent at all.

I was using the WO supplied 20mm eyepieces and the x1.6 barlow to gave a x40 magnification. One word, brilliant.


Now all we need are some good nights to start some real imaging with it.

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I am curious as how much CA this doublet has (or lacks).

I'm set for this scope too... but one other option (triplet) haunts me too.

If the CA is negligible I would prefer a doublet (cheaper, lighter).

I think it is a great scope for visual and AP.  

I would have gone for the triplet if I could have afforded it but I am very happy with this model anyway.

I took this picture with it not long after getting it.  This is with the 0.8 FR which also has a flattening effect.


I don't think you will be disappointed if you get this one.

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